Organic Red Chilli Powder 8 oz

  • Fresh USDA Certified Organic Red Chilli Powder
  • Certified Batch Tested
  • Complete Traceability and Sustainably Grown
  • Verified Gluten-Free
  • Product of India but Carefully hand-packed in Texas.
  • Comes in a Resealable Bag


Our chili powder is harvested when it has reached a deep red color, is dehydrated, and is sealed to preserve freshness. Our red chili powder is native to Central and South America and is used around the world to add a touch of warmth. They are especially popular in Indian cuisine.

ESSENTIAL NUTRITION: Our organic red chili powder infuses a spicy and aromatic flavor into your soups, stews, sauces, and meat dishes. Chili peppers are highly linked to various health benefits. Despite their spicy flavor, peppers have long been considered a healthy spice.

 AUTHENTIC FLAVOR: Our red chili powder is the essential ingredient for authentic Indian cuisine, lets you prepare delicious tacos, sauces, and casseroles. Brighten up your kitchen with our spicy organic red chili powder. Best of all, our red pepper powder is finely ground, which means they’re ready to add an instant touch to any dish.

 ADD FLAVORS TO ANY DISHES: As an effective nutritional spice, dry ground chili powder adds a ton of flavor to any dish in your kitchen. Our finely ground chili powder gives a unique flavor with a vibrant aroma that adds warmth and flavor to your guacamole, salsa, tacos, and more.

OPT FOR GOOD HEALTH: Our red chili peppers help to accelerate body metabolism and aid in the breakdown of food for proper digestion. It contains potassium and folate that can help in aiding heart-related problems. Also, it helps in promoting red blood cell growth and healthy eyesight.

 SERVING-SIZE: This red chili powder comes with a weight of around 8 Oz that is approximately 227 grams. The total servings of the pack are around 45 i.e 1 teaspoon which is approximately 5 grams. Our red peppers are 100% organic, USDA certified, Non-GMO, and gluten-free.


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